Sunday, September 27, 2009

meteor shower

Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower ( pinyin: Yi Qi Lai Kan Liu Xing Yu) is a Chinese drama set to premier on Hunan TV. Due to the success and popularity of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango and its franchise (Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango and Boys Over Flowers) across the world, Hunan TV decided to create a new series based on the same name.

This would mark the second Chinese language version of Hana Yori Dango, the first one being Taiwan's Meteor Garden, with an entirely different plot but with the same elements of romance of a poor girl and the rich group F4.


Chu Yuxun, the lead character of the series is a poor, hardworking, smart high-school girl. One of her biggest dream is to enter the most prestigious school in the country, Aliceton University where only the richest and the best students can study. With the help from her uncle, she finally gets in unbearingly that she might meet the group H4.

Murong Yunhai, Duanmu Lei, Shangguan Ruiqian and Ye Shuo are the four richest students of Aliceton and known as the campus popular group H4. They became the idols of all the girls and even boys in the campus because of their attitude, power and looks. However, they are unsatisfied with their life as their parents put too much pressure on them being the richest in China. In order for them to be kicked out from Aliceton University, they perform a series of pranks.

Yuxun fights for justice for the victims of the group and she become their instant target. Through fighting and arguing, they began to admire each other and became friends. Touched by Yuxun, H4 eventually becomes the top four students of the school. At the same time, they became loving, responsible males. Through the multiple struggles and hardships, Yuxun and H4 grew up. They learned to control their own lives, choose their own futures, and to strive for their dreams.